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05 Feb 2015

It's been too long TCS family! We are proud and excited to announce the addition of our newest band mate Aarron Wootton. Our first show together will be at Bomb's Away Cafe on February 28th.

Thank you so much for all your support through 2014. It was a another successful year for us. We've got some new songs to share with you now as we work towards a new album and we are looking forward for the 2015 season and the new era of TCS!

Our third full length album "Jackal's Kiss" is now available on CDbaby, band camp, iTunes and at all TCS shows.

03 March 2014
New album "Jackal's Kiss" officially recorded & mixed with the help of PDX legend Larry Crane (in photo) and Kendra Lynn.

Next comes mastering, packaging and CD release show. Stay tuned for date and location. Cheers, TCS!

12 December 2013
TCS featured in the latest edition of the Eugene Weekly.
Thank you Alex Notman

8 December 2013
Live from Harrison Bar & Grill
12/7/13 Corvallis, OR.
                                            "Honky Tonk No.2" 
Well I'll see you atop that there mtn. / I can't take anymore shoutin'/ 
The past thoughts still rattle my mind / Like the pins in the tracks as freight engines run by / I've spent years just trying to decide to stay here, or go for a ride / Down the rails that divide this town all of the time / Much like the way I've been feeling inside.
Wandering alone down this dusty old road / Dirt in my mouth, in my eyes, in my nose / Headed for the station, heart in my throat / Lost everything I've ever owned / No coin to my name, no labor, no home / A ten mile stare out a boxcar window / The glass reflects a man tattered and torn / I don't know him anymore.

No way to know what's around the next corner / "Full steam ahead !" cries the conductor's orders / "Shovel that coal !" / Stoked bright & bold / Let's roll, let's roll, LET'S ROLL!

And I'll see you atop this here mountain / I can't take anymore shoutin' / 
The past thoughts still rattle my mind / Like the pins in the tracks as freight engines run by / I've spent years just trying to decide to stay here, or go for a ride / Down the rails that divide this town all of the time / Much like the way I've been feeling inside.        

Thank You Ocean for the great footage! Thank you Symbiotic Quintet for the great performance! And thanks to everybody that came out to be warm, support local music and enjoy a wonderful snow & ice storm. Cheers, TCS!

15 November 2013

Our first official music video had officially been released. It was shot on July 6th 2013 at Harris Bridge Vineyard in Philomath, OR.

Big thank you to Yancy Simon Faulkner, Kevin Hobbie, Amanda Long, Nathan & Amanda Warren, Justin Smith and Patrick Joseph.

08 November 2013

Tom Lohrmann of Sonic Nights recently caught up with Ricky Carlson of The Crescendo Show to discuss the band past/present & future. Read the full interview here:
Best, TCS


26 August 2013
We are very excited to announce that we will begin recording our new album this January at Jackpot! Studios in Portland.  

25 August 2013
Unfortunately we are not the grand prize winners of this year's Next Big Thing. Many thanks to the Eugene Weekly and the city for having us out. Congratulations to Sol Seed! 

30 July 2013
At about 335pm yesterday I received a phone call from the Eugene Weekly saying that we had been selected as finalists in this year's Next Big Thing. As some of you may know we have been a part of this big competition called "The Next Big Thing" since the beginning of May. The first stage was to enter your best recordings. At the start there were 113 songs entered by 75 different bands/artists. By public vote 40 of those songs advanced and were then judged by a panel of music industry professionals. These professionals narrowed the field down to just 16 songs by 16 different bands/artists. We were lucky enough that our song "Swig Lee Otis" was chosen. This means we get to be on the annual Best of Eugene Compilation CD, and we got to compete/perform against those other 15 talents at the Lane County Fair last Friday night. The judges cast their votes and now there are only 2 bands left. Sol Seed and Yours Truly!

We perform Saturday 24 August @ 1pm at the Eugene Celebration.

10 July 2013
Big news on the TCS front!
1) We have just been accepted as a semi-finalists in this years Eugene Weekly Next Big Thing Contest. There were 113 songs entered and "Swig Lee Otis" was chosen as one of the final 16. This means we get to play at this years Battle of the Bands at the Lane County Fair on July 26th at 7pm. We also get be on the annual Best of Eugene Compilation CD. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us to help get us this far! If we perform well enough at the fair we will be invited to play the Eugene Celebration.
2) Last Saturday (July 6th) we had the honor of filming our first music video. We shot footage at Harris Bridge Vineyard for the song "Volcanoes" and we are very excited to see and share the final product with everybody. Thank you very very much to Mr. Yancy Faulkner, Justin, Kevin and Nathan Warren for you help and support. Big thanks to everyone who attended our concert that night at the vineyard to help fund the making of this video. It was a special occasion indeed.
3) We just got accepted to perform at this years Hempstalk Festival at Kelly Point Park in Portland. We will be PLaying Sunday September 8th at 2pm.

26 May 2013
Thank you very much to everyone who came out to Fireworks last night and listened to us. We had a blast and got to play 4 songs we have never performed in public before, as well as some old songs we haven't played live for over a year so we are excited about that. It helps to have such a warm and smiling audience. CHEERS!!!

Best, TCS.

20 May 2013

The Crescendo Show are in this weeks addition of the Eugene Weekly!!!!

"EW’s Next Big Thing song of the weekIllegible Letter by The Crescendo Show. On the cusp of June, you can’t go wrong with a song whose first lyrics are “It’s the first day of summertime,” followed by “I’ve been skipping stones on sidewalks while running barefoot around the block.” Nathan Porter’s vocals are rich and playful layered over shimmering guitar and bass that are reminiscent of Paul Simon’s “Late in the Evening,” another great summer ditty. Want to be next week’s song pick? Enter at"

...and don't forget to cast your votes at
Best, TCS.

13 May 2013 VAMPIRE WEEKEND album released tomorrow. YAY!

12 May 2013
The OSU Musicians Guild has so kindly asked us to be apart of the annual farewell festival at 
Avery Park. The event lasts all day with lots of wonderful musicians. We will be performing 
a short set at 730pm.
Cheers, TCS. 

10 May 2013
The Crescendo Show needs your help!!!!  Please go to to cast your votes for us as we compete for the annual Best of Eugene awards. Once you have reached the Next Big Thing home page you'll have to scroll down a ways to find our tracks. You should notice pictures of us, and you must be signed into your facebook account in order to vote. The polls are open to the public until July 1st.  

The top 40 tracks will be submitted to a professional panel which will then be boiled down to just 16 tracks. Those 16 tracks will be issued in the annual Best Of Eugene Compilation CD and those 16 bands will entered into a battle of the bands where further prizes will be up for grabs.

26 April 2013
More videos have now surfaced on our Facebook page of our peformance at Interzone.

We'd love to see more photographs of that evening if you have them.
Cheers, TCS! 

21 April 2013
Thank you Interzone, Thank you Tim Blackburn, Thank you Symbiotic Quintet for a wonderfu levening. Thank you to all the people who came out last night and showed your support. We were very excited to be there and can't wait for the next performance. In case you weren't able to be at the show our friend Ocean has so kindly posted a video of us playing "Don't You Know?" on YouTube.

Best, TCS.

14 April 2013
New shirts are here!!!! Designed by our very own Kailyn Kubiak. We had a great time yesterday screening shirts out at Horizan Screen Printing in Alpine. Thank you John Lafky!

New Shirts are available at all TCS performances for $10. We have a variety of colors and sizes. Here are just a few...


Best, TCS.

10 April 2013

The Crescendo Show has been invited to perform at this year's Da Vinci Days Festival in Corvallis. We'll be performing a 45 minute set at 5:45 pm on Saturday July 20th on the Shady Stage

PS: New octopus t-shirts are on their way.......

Best, TCS.


05 April 2013

The Crescendo Show will be performing at Interzone Cafe in Corvallis on April 20th @ 8pm. Our friends The Symbiotic Quintet will also be performing that evening as part of a local arts showcase by Tim Blackburn.

Best, TCS.


21 February 2013

Fresh Waters EP now available at Grass Roots Books & Music for just $5

  227 SW 2nd Street                                                                                                            Corvallis, OR. 97333

10 February 2013

New "Willamette Futures" preview video available to watch. Here is the link and password...

25 minute "Willamette Futures" selected preview            Password: mayfly


Best, TCS.


8 February 2013

Symbiotic Quintet - our friends and local comrads of the Corvallis music scene are wrapping up their upcoming debut album. They recorded at Gung Ho Studios in Eugene with legendary producer/engineer Billy Barnett and the songs were recorded using mostly analog equipment. From what I've been lucky enough to hear so far it sounds very warm and rich and just plain awesome!

Their first single is called "Vortex" and you can hear it at Also be sure to visit their webpage for more information. You can see & hear them perform live on 4/20 at Interzone Coffee House in Corvallis.

Best, TCS.


4 January 2013

Happy New Year from TCS!

The Crescendo Show is excited to announce we will be self releasing a new 6 song EP called "Fresh Waters." They are hand stamped, hand packaged and individually numbered 1-200. These songs were written and recorded for the forthcoming film "Willamette Futures", a documentary on the Willamette River. The non profit-organization Freshwaters Illustrated and Jeremy Monroe were gracious enough to offer us the soundtrack and we couldn't have ben more thrilled. Look for "Willamette Futures" this coming summer. Until then you can enjoy some short footage of the film here on our website in the Videos page. Hope you enjoy the new tunes!

Best, TCS.